Venly's Timeline

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This is my timeline and autobiography.

Section 1 The Bare Facts
Howdy! My names Venly. My Hair color is  black and I am over 5 ft. I was born on April 30, 2003 and currently 13. I'm a Taurus and my birthstone is a Diamond.

Section 2 Family
My family consists of me, my two sisters, and my parents. My dad's an engineer while my mom makes shirts. One of my sister's studies while the other works for McDonald. My parents are from Filipino descent. My family does not own pets.

Section 3 Your home
My home is very tidy. We have a lot of rooms for my sister and my parents but not for me. My dad had to build me my own room. My room has the typical desk and bed but also has some storage boxes because there's not enough space
in the house for storage.

Section 4 Friends over the years
My friends have all different kinds of personality. My friend Ethyn is a extrovert who likes to joke around in class but he still gets his work done. Shelby is an introvert who spends her whole time playing video games but also keeps her school work at the utmost importance. My friend Josh loves to watch anime, he always talks about the latest anime he watched.

Section 5 You
I’m very shy until you open up to me then I become insane. I make really bad jokes only the true friends I have will understand it. I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of anime. My only accomplishment right now is my principal honour roll award cause without that my self esteem would be long dead.

Section 6 Timeline
April 30,2003
September 4 2004
First day of school
November 19 2008
First needle
November 28 2008
Went to Philippines for the first time.
June 3 2012
Cousins visit from USA
March 19 2015
First time seeing a wedding
December 1 2015
Went back to the Philippines

The first event in my timeline is me being born. The first day of school was so scary I cried once my mom left. The time I had a needle in my arm the room was almost flooded due to me crying to much. My first visit to the Philippines was amazing seeing where my parents grew up. When my cousins from the United States came for the first time it was really awkward because we didn't know what to say to each other. My First time seeing a wedding was great till the food came and it got even better, it was like tasting a five star restaurants food! Going back to the Philippines was so exciting that I wanted to try all their greatest foods and visiting my aunt's new house.

Section 7 School days
My principal is Ms L Krosney. My favorite part of Sargent park was having activity say cause you could do so much with you and your friends. On activity day you could do stuff like playing laser gun fights or sumo fights with big q-tips. It would last a whole day until they took activity day away.
Section 8 Future plans
My future plans are to be a computer engineer because I love to build and work with computers. I want to look very handsome like a shampoo model with a beautiful jawline with glasses and a goatee. While I'm doing a job I hope to come home with a pet turtle or a dog.

I'll make so much money from the job I do I can't wait!

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