Dominic's Timeline and Autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiography

Section 1
name: Dominic Tyler Pelletier Hair and eye colour Dark Brown Hair Brown eyesHeight 5’6Age and birth date:13 2003 August 14 Were you named after anyone? Whom? I was not named after anyone

Include any other interesting facts about your birth. Include your birthstone and birth sign. My birthstone is Peridot.

My name is Dominic Tyler Pelletier but you can call me Dominic. I have dark brown hair brown eyes. And i'm 5’5 i was born on August 14 2003
I was not named after anyone my birth sign is Leo and my birthstone is a Peridot.

Section 2 Family
  • Who are we without family? That is a powerful question. Therefore
  • Where do you fit in the family position?
  • Describe each member of your immediate family.Name, one trait (hair color personality,occupation etc.)
  • Find a family pic
  • What is your ethnic origin?
  • Any pets? Kinds, age, describe what you like about them etc.

Without my family i probably wouldn't be where i am right now. I am the oldest in my family i have one brother his name is Damian, is 6 years younger than me. My mom is very nice Also My Dad. My Brother likes to fight me every time i go visit him.
My ethnic origin in Native
I had 2 dogs Cyrus and Spike Cyrus i really didn't get to know him that much because i was a baby but Spike was very hyper.

Section 3 Home
  • Describe the home you live in now. Include a written description of your house i.e. your bedroom, backyard etc. What do you like best about your house?
  • Have you lived anywhere else before? If so explain.

My bedroom i have a bed an Xbox one, Ps4 and an 32 inch HDTV, My Backyard has a lot of rocks, firepit and a shed. I have not lived anywhere else. Because i like Winnipeg, Manitoba and most of my friends and family live here.

Section 4 Friends over the years
  • List some of the friends you’ve had over the years and describe what you’ve liked best about them.
  • Describe two of the best times you’ve had with your friends. Explain where you were, when, where, etc and why it was so fun
  • Describe some of the hobbies and interest that you share/do with your friends


Year 2003 August 14
I was born
September 25 2004
I learned how to walk
2005 November
Spoke my first word
2009 September 7
Started School
2014 June 28
Graduated Grade 6
2015 December 31
New Year celebration
September 2016
Started Gr.8
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