Fiolo's Timeline and autobiography

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This is my timeline and  autobiography

Section #1: The bare Facts

  • Fiolo Sandoval
  • Dark Brown eyes
  • 5’6
  • Age: 13 B-day: February 27, 2003
  • Black hair and
  • No
  • My first word that i learned when i was a baby was “mom”. I’m born as an Amethyst and as a Pisces.
My name is Fiolo Sandoval, I have black hair and brown eyes. I was born in February 27, 2003, My first word when i was a child was “mom”. My birthstone is an amethyst and my zodiac sign is Pisces.
Section #2: Family
  • Without family we would be lost and alone
  • My position in my family is being the 2nd oldest of 3 children.
  • My dad’s name is Florito, he works at Vantage Foods, He is in charge for me and my sister for the programs we attend.
  • My mom’s name is Marissa, she has 2 different jobs, she is the one who organizes our family, house and events we attend.
  • My brother’s name is Marco i grew up with him since i was born, i look up to him.
  • My little sister’s name is Mary, she is the youngest in the family, she look up to me and my older brother.
  • Filipino
  • Dog “Stewie” (past) 5 years old, Stewie’s emotional doggy eyes convinces my family easily to carry him around.
My family is the most important part of my life, being a family of 5 with a love/hate relationship shows what family we can be. Living with 2 parents, an older brother and a little sister can be quite crowded in our lives. We shared many memories as we
grew up together since the birth of my siblings and I.
Section #3: My House
  • My house is a 2 story house, has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, basement, small kitchen and a living room
  • I lived in the philippines until was 3, our house was under construction last time i remembered, before my family moved to canada.
Where i live is the size of a 2 story house. Inside my house they’re is 4 bedrooms where we sleep. There is 2 bathrooms one beside the kitchen and
where the basement is. The living room is the largest place inside the house. The garage at the back can fit 2 cars inside.
Section #4: Over the Years
  • Bono is fun to hang out with, hilarious friend.
  • Veni is a person i that i can talk to we have things in common that created a bond, understands each other.
  • All the awards and banners we won as a team in volleyball and basketball in jh’7
  • End of our school year of jh’7 we had a celebration at a friends house to have fun, we played basketball, football and hung out with the jh’7 girls.
Over the years i spent my times going to Sargent Park, i met many different people over the years as i grew up. Bono and Veni are my friends that i hang out with during the school years, being with them created memories. Being in Sargent for 7 years my favourite year has to be when I was in jh’7 by far. In jh’7 sports team for volleyball and basketball we manage to win a few medals plaques, and a banner with my friends.
Section #5: Me
  • Shy
  • Smart
  • Athletic
  • Responsible
  • Respectful - #1
  • Swearing -#2
  • Sports
  • Video Games
  • Science -#3
  • Sargent Park Athletics
  • 1 plaq for volleyball for jh’7, 2 medals from basketball for jh,7 #4
  • Russell Westbrook
My personality is based on my zodiac sign (pisces) which is very accurate of what a person I am. I’m a very responsible, respectful person that is also smart, shy and an athletic person at the same time. My fault in my life is that I do swear at some times when it was unnecessary. My favorite things to do in life are Playing Video games and being part of sports, I am also into science. I am part of the cross country and volleyball team in jh’8 for Sargent Park. In sports i managed to receive a plaque for volleyball, and 2 medals in basketball for my jh’7 year.

Section #7: School Days
  • Sargent Park School, Mrs. Krosney, The person who organizes the school with all the activities and equipment etc.
  • Best time in Sargent was playing volleyball with my friends as a dominant team, representing Sargent Park.
In Sargent Park School our principal is Mrs. Krosney, she is the person who organizes the school with all the things such as activities, sports and equipment. My best time being at sargent has to be my jh’7 year, there was many great memories at the year.

Section #8: Future Plans
  • Graduate from high school, go to college or university, become a technician, Fly to L.A and visit Philippines
  • I will most likely stay and live in Winnipeg.
  • I will probably be 5’9 for my height when i’m 25 and as i get older, my height is from my dad.
  • I would look a bit more mature and serious as i grow up becoming like my older brother.
  • My style of clothing as i grow up would probably be wearing nice casual clothing depending where the location would be.
As the years go on i will graduate from high school, moving onto university or college. I can have many decisions on what i will do in the future,


  • Date of  Birth February 27. 2003

  • 1st birthday February 27, 2004

  • Came to Canada March 24, 2007

  • Student award june 25, 2008

  • Started  to play sports September 28, 2009

  • 1st year of junior high September 7, 2015

  • 1st tournament playing sports in a team Oct 3, 2015

  • Got a phone july 30, 2016

Putting It All Together

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