Gerard's Timeline and Autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiography                            

Section 1 : The bare facts

My name is Gerard Emmanuel Laluna and I have black hair and brown eyes. My height is 5’8 and I am 13 years old. I was born on July 18, 2003. My birthstone is ruby and my birth sign is cancer.

Section 2 : Family

Without my family, I am nothing. I am the oldest in my family. Both of my parents work at Lucky Supermarket. I have a brother at grade 4 and I have a little brother at home. I am a Filipino and I do not have pets.

Section 3: Your home

  I live in a 2 storey house and we have 2 bedrooms. What I like best about our house is my bedroom because it has all the things that I like and more. I have lived in a bungalow house in the Philippines before I went to Winnipeg.

Section 4: Friends over the years
Here are some of my friends, Francis, Gibey, Kobe, Robyn, Oghie and Kerwin.
Some of the best things that I like about is they are always being funny. The best times that I’ve had with them are playing football and hanging around with them. Our favourite hobby is playing basketball every lunch.

Section 5: You

I am shy, athletic, obedient, joyful and focused. My fault is being impatient because sometimes if somebody teases me, I get angry. My hobbies are playing video games, playing basketball and playing guitar. I won an mvp award in the Philippines. I admire Stephen Curry.

Section 7: School Days
I go to Sargent park school. Our principal is ms. Luba Krosney. She is a very nice principal. The best time that I’ve had in school is last bouncy-bouncy day because we get to have fun and do the things that we like.

Section 8: Future Plans
In the near future, I hope to finish my education and to travel all around the world. I would like to be a computer engineer when I grow up because i love technology.I would like to live in a very nice house. I think that I would finish my education, have a nice and decent work and have all the things that I like when I reach twenty-five years old.


Date :
Event :
July 18, 2003
Date of birth
August 24, 2003
April 6, 2004
First step
June 13, 2006
First school year
October 9, 2006
First educational field trip
December 6, 2013
First communion
September 7, 2016
Started grade 8

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