Lance's Timeline and Autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiography

Section 1 The Bare Facts
Hi my name is Lance Exequiel Santos Soriaga, I'm 13 and my birthday is September 22. My hair colour and eye colour are both black. My height is 5 feet and 4 inch. My dad told me that I was named Lance because around the time when I was born, Lance Armstrong was really popular and was famous.
My zodiac sign is Virgo and my birthstone is Sapphire. I have many interesting facts. The first one that I will tell is that my right is shorter than my left leg. When I was little I broke my right leg.
Here's more facts, I've only been to two schools in Canada and they're Sargent Park and Wellington School.
Ever since my family came to Canada, we've only lived in the West End area of the city. I haven't been to the USA. I was the first one from my family to ever attend Sargent Park for junior/high school.

Section 2 Family
Without our family we would definitely be lonely, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I’m a middle child a.k.a second oldest. I have two brothers named Jeune and Louis, Jeune is the only one that has a J as their first letter in my family. Louis is the tallest in my family. Jeune has black hair. I have a mom and dad, my mom’s name is Lulu and my dad’s name is Alvin. My dad works at a company named Macdon Industries Ltd and my mom works at a company that deals with exchange students from here in Canada and the all around the world. My ethnic origin is Filipino. I don’t have any pets, before I used to have goldfishes, birds and a dog.

Section 3 Home

The home that I and my family live in isn’t that big, it's a bungalow with 3 bedrooms and one washroom. I share my bedroom with my older brother, and we have in our bedroom a walk in closet. Our house has no backyard. What I like best about my house is it is beside a store. Yes I've lived somewhere else before other than Winnipeg. My hometown city is where I've lived before, the name of my home city is Guiguinto which is located in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines.

Section 4 Friends Over the Years
I have so much friends, so much I can’t even count how many I have. Here is a few of them: Raphael D, Mriel, Jed, Dave C, Bernardo, Kirby and Kurt. I’ve had so much best times with my friends, but probably the best times is just seeing them at school everyday. Also chatting with them over social media is best already.

Section 5 You
My personality is Kind, Respectful, Loud, shy sometimes and Responsible.
Jumping off a such a high place when I was little and breaking my leg afterwards. My hobbies are watching hockey and football, playing basketball when I feel like it and hanging out with my friends. I don't belong to any clubs or teams or organizations. Yes I have won both medals and awards, one time I got a silver medal at the Winnipeg School Division Divisional Science Fair. I don't admire anyone but my family. Because they will give me the best life advices.

Section 7 School Days
The name of my school is Sargent Park School and the name of the principal is Ms. Krosney. My best time at my school was gym riot in Grade 7.

Section 8 Future Plans
When I'm older I have so many plans, one of my plan is to become a police officer when I grow up, because I wanna help people and protect people from danger. I hope to still live in Winnipeg. When I'm twenty five years old I would have a beard, moustache and I would look uglier. I'll probably be a little taller. My face would look older than my age.

Section 6 Timeline

September 22 2003
I was born in the Philippines
November 8 2003
June 2005
Grandpa died
April 6 2011
My family moved to Winnipeg
April 9 2011
I went to my first school in Canada
June 29 2015
I graduated elementary
July 21-24 2016
My family and I first ever trip to Alberta

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