Daniel's Timeline And Autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiogarphy

Section 1: The Bare Fact
My name is Daniel Cabahug and My height is 5’ 3”. I was named after a person in the bible book that was sent to the lion's den and I was born in February 7, 2003. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and my horoscope is Aquarius . Also, my chinese Zodiac is a sheep.

  Section 2: Family
I am the second youngest in the family and I have 2 cats. Their both Domestic short hair and their are almost 2 years old in a few months. One of them is hyper and the other is friendly. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters in my family. My mom is really smart and she helps my dad with his business. My dad is really fun and he runs his own business. Also, he repair Tablets, cell phones, Ipads and consoles. My brother is honest and really funny. He always like militaries like armed forces especially tanks. My sister is very weird and also Hilarious. She is an awesome artist and she likes kpop. Her favorite colour is blue. My little sister is very cute and energetic. She likes cats and she plays with them a lot. My family origin is from the Philippines and in our genetics, most of the family has diabetes but me and my family doesn’t have it.

Section 3: House
My house is a medium sized house but really decent rooms. My front yard has a play structure and my backyard has a little garden and a portable garage but the ground is filled with limestones

Section 4 Friends over the years
I made a lot of friends over the years and Some of them are my best friends and just friends. They are Veni, Dayman , Kje, Jed, Marc, Koel, Justin, Dominic, Jaymar, Edmar, Venly and more. The best times I’ve had with my friends is we were playing king of the hill in the winter last year and we had so much fun because the weather is cold but we played in the cold and I didn’t felt the cold. The other best times with some of them was in the halloween dance. The first dance we’ve had was really awesome and we partied like crazy and all of us got really tired after that. Some of my friends go skateboarding like me and some of them play console and PC and I play those too.

Section 5: You
I am hyper, outgoing, obnoxious, smart and helpful person but I am very clumsy too. I play racing games and cars, I go skateboarding and I watch videos. I was once in a Cool2beKind Group in Clifton school and I won awards. They are some of the student of the months, Cool2bekind awards and Principal’s Honor roll.I admire Aaron Kyro because When I started skateboarding, I searched up ‘ how to do a kickflip’ and I watched the video made by Aaron Kyro’s channel called Braille Skateboarding and he became my inspiration

Section 6: Timeline

February 7, 2003
I was born in Cavite, Philippines
September 25, 2009
Me and my family came to Canada
March , 2012
We got our own house
August, 2014
We went to Alberta
May 15, 2015
First time going to U.S.A.
July 15, 2016
My first own skateboard
September 9-12, 2016
I went to Chicago

Section 7: School Days
I’m a student in Sargent Park School and my homeroom is 8-121 (originally, 8-17). My school principal is Mrs L. Krosney and my favorite events in the school are Gym Riot, Pumpkin Olympics, Pep Rally and Track and Field Day.

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