Jaymars Timeline and Autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiography

Section #1 The Bare Facts
  • Jaymar Duot
  • Black, Dark Brown
  • 5.2 ft
  • 13, September 4, 2003
  • Myself
  • Virgo
  • I was born on the same day my cousin’s sister was born
Hi my name is Jaymar Duot, but you can call me Jaymar. I have black hair hair and dark brown eyes, i don't know what my height is but i'm guessing 5.2ft. I was born on September 4th, 2003, i am not named after anyone but myself, my birth sign is virgo.

Section #2: Family
  • I would be depressed and homeless without my family.
  • Out of all my siblings, i am in the middle
  • My dad’s name is Jerry, and he is an engineer, My moms name is Iya, and she is filipino, My Bigger brothers name John, and he works at Mcdonald's, My younger brothers name is Jayson and he has black hair, My youngest brother's name is Ghino, and he likes breaking things, My Sisters name is Elona, and she works at Silvercity.
  • nope
  • Canadian and Filipino
  • Cat,i don't know, 5yrs, i like how soft my cat is
I would be a kid living in the alleys if i wasn't with my family, i am grateful to have a caring family i can walk home to everyday (cringe). I have 7 family members and out of all of them i am not the youngest or the oldest in my family. My dad's name is Jerry and he works as an engineer for less than half a day from 6am to 3pm, My mother's name is Iya or Maria, and she is filipino,  My Bigger brothers name John, and he works part time at McDonalds at the moment , My younger brothers name is Jayson and he's the brother i play games with sometimes , My youngest brother's name is Ghino, and he’s destructive, i can’t trust him with any of my belongings until he’s 10 or older, he's broken my ipod, xbox controller, some of my games and a few cups and plates, My Sisters name is Elona, and she and my bigger brother used to go to Sargent Park, my sister works full time at Silver City.

Section #3: Your HOME
  • 40 year old house
  • Garden around
  • Medium sized house
  • Upstairs, downstairs, medium floor
  • 2 garages
  • 2 washrooms
  • 1 shower
My house is very old, my mom likes to plant flowers and other plants around our house, our backyard is a bit small, i wish it would have been larger, but i don't go there much, my house has an upstairs a downstairs, and a medium floor obviously, my room is a bit small but i could do with, my parents room is large with a tv inside. I use to have 2 garages but one was dismantled and used to store my dad's R.V.
Section #4: Friends Over The Year’s
  • Some of my friends over the years were Edmar, he's funny and fun to hang around with, Darren, when i get a ps4 we’ll both play games together, and we have a lot in common, and  Angelo, we don't hang out much anymore but he's cool.
Section #5: You
  • My personality is being quiet, shy, Adventurous, Self Aware, Adaptive
  • Sensitive, im somewhat butt hurt if the person meant it, but not to the point of crying

Section #6:Timeline

September 4, 2003
June , 2010
Tied shoes 1st time
December 26, 2013
First device
July, 2014
Camping first time
August, 2015
First pet
June, 2014
First arm cast
September, 2007
First friends

Section #7:School days

Section #8:Future Plans

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