Tomas' Timeline

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This is my timeline and autography

Section 1 The Bare Facts

I my name is Thomas Matias Fonseca.I have black hair and brown eyes.I think that I have 1.75 metres tall.I’m 13 years old. My birthday is on February the 26th.I am Funny (I think), I Like to speak and I’m not afraid of heights.

Section 2 Family

We are nothing without a family. I am the oldest brother. My Dad is tall and my Mom is tall to. I have a younger brother but I have no pets.I lived in Portugal.

Section 3 My Home

My home has got 3 floors,3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen. Bedroom is Big. Yes, i’ve lived In portugal Before.

section 4 Friends over the years

My old friends are Diogo Baptista is funny,  Luís is smart   ,Diogo Ferreira likes cars ,  Leandro likes computers and  Ricardo Rafael.

section 5 You

I’m athletic,Worker,Funny,Tall and Smart(only when I want.)My handwriting is messy. My hobbies are, Ride the bike,run and Play video games. No, I don't have a club team or organization because I just came from portugal. Yes, I have a medal. In portugal my orienteering team stayed in2 place for district.I admire my grandpa, because he taught me a lot of stuff.

Section 6 Time Line

year 1
Start walking
year 2
imitated grandpa playing the accordian
year 3
strated preschool
year 4
year 5
2 wheels bike riding
year 6
started grade 1
year 7
started reading
year 8
start playing the piano

section 7 school days

I was in Conde de Ourém school in Ourém.I had lot of fun especially in orienteering meets.

section 8 future plans

I want to be a Crane operator. Because you receive lot of money and i like it. I hope to live in Canada.I want to fiel young.

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