This is my timeline and autobiogarphy

Section 1: The Bare Fact
My name is Daniel Cabahug and My height is 5’ 3”. I was named after a person in the bible book that was sent to the lion's den and I was born in February 7, 2003. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and my horoscope is Aquarius . Also, my chinese Zodiac is a sheep.

  Section 2: Family
I am the second youngest in the family and I have 2 cats. Their both Domestic short hair and their are almost 2 years old in a few months. One of them is hyper and the other is friendly. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters in my family. My mom is really smart and she helps my dad with his business. My dad is really fun and he runs his own business. Also, he repair Tablets, cell phones, Ipads and consoles. My brother is honest and really funny. He always like militaries like armed forces especially tanks. My sister is very weird and also Hilarious. She is an awesome artist and she likes kpop. Her favorite colour is blue. My little sister is very cute and energetic. She likes cats and she plays with them a lot. My family origin is from the Philippines and in our genetics, most of the family has diabetes but me and my family doesn’t have it.

Section 3: House
My house is a medium sized house but really decent rooms. My front yard has a play structure and my backyard has a little garden and a portable garage but the ground is filled with limestones

Section 4 Friends over the years
I made a lot of friends over the years and Some of them are my best friends and just friends. They are Veni, Dayman , Kje, Jed, Marc, Koel, Justin, Dominic, Jaymar, Edmar, Venly and more. The best times I’ve had with my friends is we were playing king of the hill in the winter last year and we had so much fun because the weather is cold but we played in the cold and I didn’t felt the cold. The other best times with some of them was in the halloween dance. The first dance we’ve had was really awesome and we partied like crazy and all of us got really tired after that. Some of my friends go skateboarding like me and some of them play console and PC and I play those too.

Section 5: You
I am hyper, outgoing, obnoxious, smart and helpful person but I am very clumsy too. I play racing games and cars, I go skateboarding and I watch videos. I was once in a Cool2beKind Group in Clifton school and I won awards. They are some of the student of the months, Cool2bekind awards and Principal’s Honor roll.I admire Aaron Kyro because When I started skateboarding, I searched up ‘ how to do a kickflip’ and I watched the video made by Aaron Kyro’s channel called Braille Skateboarding and he became my inspiration

Section 6: Timeline

February 7, 2003
I was born in Cavite, Philippines
September 25, 2009
Me and my family came to Canada
March , 2012
We got our own house
August, 2014
We went to Alberta
May 15, 2015
First time going to U.S.A.
July 15, 2016
My first own skateboard
September 9-12, 2016
I went to Chicago

Section 7: School Days
I’m a student in Sargent Park School and my homeroom is 8-121 (originally, 8-17). My school principal is Mrs L. Krosney and my favorite events in the school are Gym Riot, Pumpkin Olympics, Pep Rally and Track and Field Day.

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This is my timeline and autobiography


Section 1 The bare facts
`My name is Jackson Witt and I have light blue eyes and blonde hair.  I am 5”10. I am a Gemini and I was born in 2003 on the 15th of June. My middle name is Horst, I am named after my grandpa.
Section 2 Family
I am an only child and without my family I would be depressed and probably die. My dad is German and is a mechanic. My mom is Canadian and work a a flooring company called The Floor Show. I have a golden retriever named Sage, who is very playful.
Section 3 Your home
I live in a blue house with 3 floors. It is just a normal house nothing special. My backyard also is not special. It's just filled with rocks.
Section 4 Friends over the years
` My best friend’s name is Cade but we don't hang out a lot besides at football practice/games. I hang out with my other friends a lot though. My friends and I are always skateboarding together and hanging out.
Section 5 You
I'm athletic, loud, tall, humorous, and I consider myself a gamer. I tend to get very loud and sometimes I get in trouble for it. I like to skateboard and play football and play a lot of video games.
I play football for the valour patriots. I have won a couple of awards for playing football. I admire Andrew Shrock.
Section 6 Timeline

June 15 2003
September 20 2016
Landed first pop-shuv
December 25 2003
First christmas
December 23 2007
Met Santa
September 7 2009
Met my best friend
July 10 2012
Landed first ollie
June 17 2010
Played first Call of Duty

Section 7 School days
I go to Sargent Park School, my principal's name is Ms. Krosney she is very nice.The best time I had at school was when me and my friends were skateboarding and we all were landing tricks every time.
Section 8 Future plans
I want to design video games like my cousin, I also want to be a youtuber.I want to live in Hamburg, Frankfurt, or Kiel in Germany. I will look like a gamer/skateboarder. I will wear skinny jeans and hopefully be pretty fit. I will probably be wearing ripped or broken shoes all the time from skateboarding.

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this is my timeline and autobiography

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This is my timeline and autobiography

Section 1 The Bare Facts
Hi my name is Lance Exequiel Santos Soriaga, I'm 13 and my birthday is September 22. My hair colour and eye colour are both black. My height is 5 feet and 4 inch. My dad told me that I was named Lance because around the time when I was born, Lance Armstrong was really popular and was famous.
My zodiac sign is Virgo and my birthstone is Sapphire. I have many interesting facts. The first one that I will tell is that my right is shorter than my left leg. When I was little I broke my right leg.
Here's more facts, I've only been to two schools in Canada and they're Sargent Park and Wellington School.
Ever since my family came to Canada, we've only lived in the West End area of the city. I haven't been to the USA. I was the first one from my family to ever attend Sargent Park for junior/high school.

Section 2 Family
Without our family we would definitely be lonely, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I’m a middle child a.k.a second oldest. I have two brothers named Jeune and Louis, Jeune is the only one that has a J as their first letter in my family. Louis is the tallest in my family. Jeune has black hair. I have a mom and dad, my mom’s name is Lulu and my dad’s name is Alvin. My dad works at a company named Macdon Industries Ltd and my mom works at a company that deals with exchange students from here in Canada and the all around the world. My ethnic origin is Filipino. I don’t have any pets, before I used to have goldfishes, birds and a dog.

Section 3 Home

The home that I and my family live in isn’t that big, it's a bungalow with 3 bedrooms and one washroom. I share my bedroom with my older brother, and we have in our bedroom a walk in closet. Our house has no backyard. What I like best about my house is it is beside a store. Yes I've lived somewhere else before other than Winnipeg. My hometown city is where I've lived before, the name of my home city is Guiguinto which is located in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines.

Section 4 Friends Over the Years
I have so much friends, so much I can’t even count how many I have. Here is a few of them: Raphael D, Mriel, Jed, Dave C, Bernardo, Kirby and Kurt. I’ve had so much best times with my friends, but probably the best times is just seeing them at school everyday. Also chatting with them over social media is best already.

Section 5 You
My personality is Kind, Respectful, Loud, shy sometimes and Responsible.
Jumping off a such a high place when I was little and breaking my leg afterwards. My hobbies are watching hockey and football, playing basketball when I feel like it and hanging out with my friends. I don't belong to any clubs or teams or organizations. Yes I have won both medals and awards, one time I got a silver medal at the Winnipeg School Division Divisional Science Fair. I don't admire anyone but my family. Because they will give me the best life advices.

Section 7 School Days
The name of my school is Sargent Park School and the name of the principal is Ms. Krosney. My best time at my school was gym riot in Grade 7.

Section 8 Future Plans
When I'm older I have so many plans, one of my plan is to become a police officer when I grow up, because I wanna help people and protect people from danger. I hope to still live in Winnipeg. When I'm twenty five years old I would have a beard, moustache and I would look uglier. I'll probably be a little taller. My face would look older than my age.

Section 6 Timeline

September 22 2003
I was born in the Philippines
November 8 2003
June 2005
Grandpa died
April 6 2011
My family moved to Winnipeg
April 9 2011
I went to my first school in Canada
June 29 2015
I graduated elementary
July 21-24 2016
My family and I first ever trip to Alberta

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This is my timeline and autobiography

Section 1
name: Dominic Tyler Pelletier Hair and eye colour Dark Brown Hair Brown eyesHeight 5’6Age and birth date:13 2003 August 14 Were you named after anyone? Whom? I was not named after anyone

Include any other interesting facts about your birth. Include your birthstone and birth sign. My birthstone is Peridot.

My name is Dominic Tyler Pelletier but you can call me Dominic. I have dark brown hair brown eyes. And i'm 5’5 i was born on August 14 2003
I was not named after anyone my birth sign is Leo and my birthstone is a Peridot.

Section 2 Family
  • Who are we without family? That is a powerful question. Therefore
  • Where do you fit in the family position?
  • Describe each member of your immediate family.Name, one trait (hair color personality,occupation etc.)
  • Find a family pic
  • What is your ethnic origin?
  • Any pets? Kinds, age, describe what you like about them etc.

Without my family i probably wouldn't be where i am right now. I am the oldest in my family i have one brother his name is Damian, is 6 years younger than me. My mom is very nice Also My Dad. My Brother likes to fight me every time i go visit him.
My ethnic origin in Native
I had 2 dogs Cyrus and Spike Cyrus i really didn't get to know him that much because i was a baby but Spike was very hyper.

Section 3 Home
  • Describe the home you live in now. Include a written description of your house i.e. your bedroom, backyard etc. What do you like best about your house?
  • Have you lived anywhere else before? If so explain.

My bedroom i have a bed an Xbox one, Ps4 and an 32 inch HDTV, My Backyard has a lot of rocks, firepit and a shed. I have not lived anywhere else. Because i like Winnipeg, Manitoba and most of my friends and family live here.

Section 4 Friends over the years
  • List some of the friends you’ve had over the years and describe what you’ve liked best about them.
  • Describe two of the best times you’ve had with your friends. Explain where you were, when, where, etc and why it was so fun
  • Describe some of the hobbies and interest that you share/do with your friends


Year 2003 August 14
I was born
September 25 2004
I learned how to walk
2005 November
Spoke my first word
2009 September 7
Started School
2014 June 28
Graduated Grade 6
2015 December 31
New Year celebration
September 2016
Started Gr.8
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This is my timeline and autobiography                            

Section 1 : The bare facts

My name is Gerard Emmanuel Laluna and I have black hair and brown eyes. My height is 5’8 and I am 13 years old. I was born on July 18, 2003. My birthstone is ruby and my birth sign is cancer.

Section 2 : Family

Without my family, I am nothing. I am the oldest in my family. Both of my parents work at Lucky Supermarket. I have a brother at grade 4 and I have a little brother at home. I am a Filipino and I do not have pets.

Section 3: Your home

  I live in a 2 storey house and we have 2 bedrooms. What I like best about our house is my bedroom because it has all the things that I like and more. I have lived in a bungalow house in the Philippines before I went to Winnipeg.

Section 4: Friends over the years
Here are some of my friends, Francis, Gibey, Kobe, Robyn, Oghie and Kerwin.
Some of the best things that I like about is they are always being funny. The best times that I’ve had with them are playing football and hanging around with them. Our favourite hobby is playing basketball every lunch.

Section 5: You

I am shy, athletic, obedient, joyful and focused. My fault is being impatient because sometimes if somebody teases me, I get angry. My hobbies are playing video games, playing basketball and playing guitar. I won an mvp award in the Philippines. I admire Stephen Curry.

Section 7: School Days
I go to Sargent park school. Our principal is ms. Luba Krosney. She is a very nice principal. The best time that I’ve had in school is last bouncy-bouncy day because we get to have fun and do the things that we like.

Section 8: Future Plans
In the near future, I hope to finish my education and to travel all around the world. I would like to be a computer engineer when I grow up because i love technology.I would like to live in a very nice house. I think that I would finish my education, have a nice and decent work and have all the things that I like when I reach twenty-five years old.


Date :
Event :
July 18, 2003
Date of birth
August 24, 2003
April 6, 2004
First step
June 13, 2006
First school year
October 9, 2006
First educational field trip
December 6, 2013
First communion
September 7, 2016
Started grade 8

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