Jackson's Timeline and Autobiography

This is my timeline and autobiography


Section 1 The bare facts
`My name is Jackson Witt and I have light blue eyes and blonde hair.  I am 5”10. I am a Gemini and I was born in 2003 on the 15th of June. My middle name is Horst, I am named after my grandpa.
Section 2 Family
I am an only child and without my family I would be depressed and probably die. My dad is German and is a mechanic. My mom is Canadian and work a a flooring company called The Floor Show. I have a golden retriever named Sage, who is very playful.
Section 3 Your home
I live in a blue house with 3 floors. It is just a normal house nothing special. My backyard also is not special. It's just filled with rocks.
Section 4 Friends over the years
` My best friend’s name is Cade but we don't hang out a lot besides at football practice/games. I hang out with my other friends a lot though. My friends and I are always skateboarding together and hanging out.
Section 5 You
I'm athletic, loud, tall, humorous, and I consider myself a gamer. I tend to get very loud and sometimes I get in trouble for it. I like to skateboard and play football and play a lot of video games.
I play football for the valour patriots. I have won a couple of awards for playing football. I admire Andrew Shrock.
Section 6 Timeline

June 15 2003
September 20 2016
Landed first pop-shuv
December 25 2003
First christmas
December 23 2007
Met Santa
September 7 2009
Met my best friend
July 10 2012
Landed first ollie
June 17 2010
Played first Call of Duty

Section 7 School days
I go to Sargent Park School, my principal's name is Ms. Krosney she is very nice.The best time I had at school was when me and my friends were skateboarding and we all were landing tricks every time.
Section 8 Future plans
I want to design video games like my cousin, I also want to be a youtuber.I want to live in Hamburg, Frankfurt, or Kiel in Germany. I will look like a gamer/skateboarder. I will wear skinny jeans and hopefully be pretty fit. I will probably be wearing ripped or broken shoes all the time from skateboarding.

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