Bush's Timeline autobiography

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This is my Timeline and Autobiography

My Life Written By Me
Section 1: The Bare Facts
My name is bush but you can called me bush. I have dark brown hair and a dark brown eyes. I am 5’2 ½ and i was born in march 23,2003 and my birthstone is aquamarine and my zodiac sign is arias .

Section 2: Family
In my family i'm the youngest, i have two siblings i have my sister that like to boss me around so does my older brother who likes to play basketball every day. My mom part time at tim hortons and my dad works at palliser

Section 3: Your Home
I live  in a apartment, it only has one bathroom and one bedroom. I've lived with my aunt's apartment for 1 ½ years, then move to another apartment.

Section 4: Friends Over the Years
  • Athletic banquet was fun because i see my friends getting awarded and i had the best time of my life seeing my friends get along together and and taking pictures.
  • I like to play volleyball and i like to makeover.
Section 5: You
I'm sometimes shy and i'm a outgoing person, I like to play sports like volleyball. I like to be crazy sometimes with my friends and with my cousins.

Section 6: Timeline

Date of Birth
March 23,2003
Move to canada
February 3,2014
1 years old
i started to walk

Section 7: School Days
  • I go to Sargent Park School (Flames), our principal’s name is Mrs. Krosney. The only facts i know about her is her first name is Luba. My best time in school is when i was in grade 6, me and my friends joined the talent show, we dance and we practiced everyday just to make it perfect.

Section 8: Future Plans
When i was a kid i was wishing to graduate so fast so i could school but now, I just want to stay at school just to learn and knowing what we want in the future. If I graduate i want to have a part time job do i could save for my college or university. When i grow up i want to be a doctor because i want to help people that needed medication in life to survive some diseases, or a makeup artist because i like to meet new people and be friends with them and get to know them better and i want to help people about their insecurities with their face. I want to help them see what they see outside is not what they see the inside like, how nice, how loyal or how humble you are.

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