Mae-kelle's Timeline Autobigraphy

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This is my Timeline and Autobiography

SECTION 1: The Bare Facts

My name is mae-kelle, my hair is dark brown, as well as my eyes. I am 5 ‘2 and was born on February 28, 2003.

SECTION 2: Family                                                         

In my family i am the eldest, i have a younger sibling named GM or Gabriel Michael. My dad’s name is Michael Macatangay and works at a car cleaning shop, he also works as a home cook and cooks orders. My mom’s name is Zenaida Bicol and she works at Tim Hortons located at the Winnipeg Airport.

SECTION #3: Your Home
  • The house i live in has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has a dock at the back of the house. It has 2 parking lot space and is a pretty well size house.
  • i ‘ve lived in my aunt's house for a few years, after then moved to an apartment with my mom, this year we moved to a house.

I live in a house that has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and has a dock at the back with two parking spots, i lived in my aunt's house for a for a few years when we arrived here in Canada.

SECTION #4: friends over the year

My friends are smart, athletic, friendly, and outgoing. The best times i had in sargent was our first year having athletic banquet because we got to eat together and dance, i also had fun at our field trip to Wheelies because most of us didn’t know how to roller skate.


I’m shy, athletic, worried, caring, and calm. One of my faults are not completing most of my homework on time, my hobbies are playing sports such as basketball and volleyball , eat, and text (telegram, instagram etc.) in grade 7 got athlete of the year award and also was mvp 2 times in basketball. I admire a player in basketball that plays in the team for Minnesota Lynx, she’s really good at shooting, and a really competitive player.

SECTION #6: Timeline

February 28, 2003
Date of birth
___ __, 2009
Moved to Canada

Moved to an apartment

Went back to the Philippines

Moved to Sargent Park School

Received athlete of the year  

SECTION #7: School Days

I go to Sargent Park School and our principal is Ms. L. Krosney, and she’s  good at saving up money for more valuable things for the school. One of the best times at school was at the pumpkin olympics because that event was only held for the grade 7’s and playing many different kinds of games and going against different classrooms was really fun.

SECTION #8: Future Plans

In the future i would want to travel, most likely go to Korea because of how pretty the place is and how friendly the people there are. In the future i would want to be in a basketball team, or a volleyball team because playing sports is one of the things i enjoy doing.

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